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1 How do I know what size unit I need for my room or home?

A. Our technician will come to your home and will know what size and system is best suited for your needs. They will not sell you larger than you need or smaller than needed just to cut costs.


2. How long will it take?

A. Normally a one unit installation will be 4 hours from start to finish – leaving your home tidy and ready to push start!

3.Are the Daikin units economical to run?

A. Yes they are among the most economical to run of all Heat Pumps.

4.Are they quiet running?

A. Yes they are very quiet when running.

5 Are they Reliable?

A. Yes they are very reliable and after sales service is A1

6.Do they come with a Guarantee?

A. Yes the Daikin units all have a 5 year guarantee.

7 Are they easy to use?

A. Yes they have a high rating for ease of use.

8.Do they have a Code of Compliance when installed?

A. Yes they are all given a code of compliance on completion of installation.

9. Are they value for money?

A. Yes the Daikin units are great value for money.  Considering Daikin's exceptional quality and performance, they still rate very competitively in the market.

10 Will they help reduce condensation in my home?

A. Yes it will help reduce condensation. They have a dry mode which increases the drying capacity of the heat pump.

11Does it help people with Asthma and Allergies?

A. Definitely! Daikin Heat Pumps are the only ones that have been approved by the Asthma Foundation’s Sensitive Choice Program to carry the Butterfly Symbol. The Daikin Heat Pumps have been fitted with an air purifying filter. Most are fitted with a more advanced Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air Purifying filter. Daikin also sell a Air Purifier unit.

12 Are they great for heating hard-to-heat areas of the home?

A. Heat pumps are excellent as either your main heat source or as a secondary heat source for bedrooms that may be away your main heat source.

13Why should I choose a Heat Pump over other forms of heating?

A. Heat Pumps are the most economical form of heating.  They are the only form of heating that also produces cooling for summer.  Heat Pumps produce instant heating or cooling.  They are a clean and tidy form of heating and there is no chance of anyone getting burnt. Heat Pumps are thermostatically controlled so only go when required therefore saving energy.  No permit is required for a heat pump to be installed. 

14What is the advantage of the floor models over against high-wall models?

A. The heat comes out low therefore causing less drafts.  These units are particularly suited to being installed where there has been an inbuilt fireplace.  They are more suited to high stud houses.

15. What is the advantage of a ducted system?

A. With a ducted system you get a discreet air conditioning throughout your entire home.  The indoor unit is concealed in the ceiling out of sight and one outdoor unit is discreetly located outside and there are vents in the ceiling.  With a ducted system you get an even temperature throughout your home but you can have flexibility so that you are not wasting power on heating rooms that you are not using.

16.Do you need to keep the doors and windows to outside closed when you have the Heat Pumps going?

A .Yes this is very important for them to work efficiently.  This is especially important in extreme conditions.

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