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Super Multi NX

Multi Split

Super Multi NX

The Daikin Super Multi NX lets you build a highly efficient multi room air conditioning system by connecting up to five indoor units to a single outdoor unit.

The series includes a wide variety of indoor units, so it is easy to select a model that blends in unobtrusively. A
single compact outdoor unit allows you to make more efficient use of available space in the installation location, such as a balcony. The individual indoor units in different rooms—the living room, study, and bedrooms, for example—can be controlled independently to match your family’s lifestyle. Super Multi NX can make your home more comfortable.

There are five types of Multi NX Heat pump systems available:

Wall Mounted Type – Also known as ‘High wall’ An attractive match for large rooms with refined interiors is provided by the stylish panel design.
Floor Standing Type – These units are mounted on the wall near the floor, this style of heatpump is a popular option when considering for the elderly or younger children.
Duct-connected type – suitable to shallow ceiling recesses.
Floor/Ceiling-suspended dual type – consist of a modern round shaped units, suspended from the ceiling or mounted on the wall near the floor.
Compact multi-flow ceiling-mounted cassette type – this style of heatpump is suited to commercial spaces e.g offices, open plan showrooms, and the likes.

Outdoor Unit





Max Capacity
  • Cool
  • Heat




Max No. of Heads 3
3 4 5

*Super Multi NX Units do not qualify for the energy star rating.

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