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SmartVent - Positive



Reduce Condensation:
SmartVent Positive Pressure ventilation systems draw fresh, dry, filtered air into your home. This then flushes out the moist stale air that causes condensation, mould and mildew.
In with the good, out with the bad

This process positively pressurises your home. This forces out moist stale air through gaps in windows and doors or through special exhaust vents. By continually cycling your home with fresh, dry air removes air borne toxins, harmful pollutants, dust and dust mites.
Our Superior Filtration

Superior, medical grade F7 filtration traps up to 90% of pollens, dust and allergens. This filtered air is distributed into each room via unique acoustic insulated ducting, which reduces fan and airflow noise. Moist air is forced out around windows and doors, making your home drier, which makes it is easier to heat.
Intelligent Control System

Simply enter your preferred temperature range into the SmartVent controller, then sit back and enjoy your healthier home. With the ability to sense the temperature of the air that is introduced into the home, SmartVent will automatically select the best air intake option for your home.
Ventilation Solutions for all seasons

SmartVent draws air from the roof cavity, outside or even from your lounge, choosing the warmest air in winter and the coolest air in summer to provide a complete year round ventilation solution.

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